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Spring Delay - COVID-19


Good day East Nash Soccer family,

Thank you all for your continued support of the East Nash Soccer program. We’ve seen unbelievable growth these past few years and we could not have done it without you. This past month we’ve all been tested by the Tornado and now the Covid-19 lockdown. I’ve seen our community come together in ways that make me proud to be a Nashvillian. For me personally it’s solidified my commitment to this program and giving back to my neighbors. 


Now onto the big question, what is to become of the 2020 Spring Soccer season? We have been closely following the news and will be delaying the start until the end of April at this point. On Tuesday Governor Lee extended public schools closures until April the 24th and with this information our new start week will be April 27. I remain optimistic that we will continue to flatten this curve and be back on the field this Spring however we will comply with any recommendations or rules set forth by the State and the CDC. 


In the meantime, in between washing hands, I suggest getting your kids dribbling and kicking a ball in the house or outside when possible. On the main page of our website is a great series Desmond created with the Tennessee State Soccer Association for drills at home. It’s a good introduction to the skills we will introduce and continue to improve upon throughout the age groups. If your child does not have access to a soccer ball please email me and I will arrange a time for parents to pick up a ball. 


Thank you,

Lee Tucker

East Nash Soccer



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East Nash Soccer

The mission of East Nash Soccer is to provide a premium youth soccer league that prioritizes player development through essential core footskills and coaching excellence. East Nash Soccer honors human diversity, family participation, and community wellness for beginners, intermediate or competitive players. Our philosophy is “learn the game of soccer, develop meaningful relationships, and practice success one kick at a time.” 

Lee Tucker

East Nash Soccer

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Desmond meeting with the Governor Haslam on behalf of the MLS2Nashville campaign

Desmond Armstrong meeting with Governor Haslam on behalf of the MLS2Nashville campaign.


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